Police, Fire and Sheriff Auxiliary

 Dial 911 for all emergencies.

Services provided by Navajo County.  The Sheriff's office is 1/4 mile away from our community.   The Fire Department is about 2 miles.  Our community is equipped with fire hydrants.  The fire department has two well-equipped ambulances with paramedics.

The Sheriff Auxiliary is an integral part of our community. You will see the Auxiliary at all the community events. In addition, the Sheriff Auxiliary will perform frequent premise visits (for an annual donation) to watch over your home all year or during the off season.  Contact the Sheriff Department for more details and forms here.

Mountain Meadows Primary School


The Heber - Overgaard Unified School District (K-12) is the largest employer in the community.  Their contact number is 928-535-4622

The Elementary School, Mountain Meadows Primary School, is about 1/4 mile away from Forest Trails located just off Mogollon Drive (the white dome building next to the Navajo County building).

CAPPS Middle School is located in Heber on Buckskin Canyon Road.

The Jr/Sr High School is located in Heber on Mustang Ave, near the public library.  This is about 3 miles away.

Click here for more information to visit the website.

Sitegraves National Forest

The National Forest surrounding our community is over 817,888 acres.  Please respect our forest.  Off-road vehicles must stay on designated forest service roads. If you pack it in, pack it out.  This applies to not just garbage. Leave the forest as you found it.  Thank you.    

For information on campgrounds, hiking trails, fire restrictions, forest fires click here.

Do not venture onto the the Indian Reservation without a permit.  The boundary is on the south side of forest road 300, a.k.a the rim road.   Do Not take a firearm onto the Indian reservation or you will be subject to big fines and confiscation.

Rim Country Senior Center

The Center offers lunch daily plus, internet services and many other fun activities. 

Click here for more info.

We love our forest.

The Compactor for Garbage Disposal

Garbage and Yard Debris
All garbage should be taken to the Compactor. Check in at the compactor for additional information on the disposal of building materials and other such debris.  Compactor is located at NW corner of Mogollon Dr. and Country Club Drive 1/4 mile south of our community.  Fees vary from free to $120, depending on what is being disposed of.
Garbage Compactor hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: 8a - 4p
Sunday: 8a - 12p (noon)

Yard debris, all brush, tree branches, pine needles and grass can be taken to the Brush Pit.  There is $10 fee per load to dispose of green waste at the brush pit.  The Brush Pit is located on Hwy 277 about 1/2 mile north of Mogollon Dr on the west side of road.  Sign states "Navajo County Brush Pit" (dirt road).
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 8a - 3:50p

Sunday: 8a - 12p (noon)

Heber - Overgaard Clinic

Operated by Summit Health Care located at Bison Ranch.  This site is located about 2 miles from our community.  Click here to access their website to learn more.

Overgaard Post Office

Rim Country Library

The Navajo County library is located in Heber.  They provide Internet services plus a large selection of books and newspapers.  They also can print documents from your storage devices (thumb drives, USB drives, etc).

For more information click here for their website. 

Overgaard Post Office for US Mail

Their is no home delivery of mail in our community.  The post office is about a mile away located on Hwy 260. With proof of a residence (via utility bill) a PO Box is free.

UPS and FedEx do have delivery to door.  However, for packages,  after the street address write Unit X (X=PO BOX) because many shippers use the USPS for the last mile of delivery.  Otherwise your shipment will be returned to sender..  For all the online shoppers, this is of great value in our rural community.

Forest Trails HOA - Unit One 

Mountain Community  Overgaard, AZ

Community Services

Other Resources in our Community

Grocery Stores

We have two Markets.  Overgaard Market and Heber Market - IGA.

In addition, there is a Family Dollar Store and a Dollar General Store both located on Hwy 260.

Auto Parts and Repairs

NAPA is located on Hwy 260.  They have mechanic on site for most vehicle service and repairs.  They are also a NAPA auto parts store and offer towing.  Phone: 928-535-4898

Finding a Contractor or Handyman

The White Mountain Independent newspaper has ads with Business Classifieds and Community Happenings.  This is a good source for local news, contractors, and handymen.    

NOTE: The HOA does not guarantee the work performed by any of the above services.


All sites have power, water and telephone to the lot.

* Navopache Electric is for power.  Office on Hwy 260.  click here

* Arizona Water Company for water. Office on Hwy 277  click here

* Frontier Communication for phone and Internet. click here

Some residents use cell phone tethering for Internet and for their phone service.   NOTE: Some cell phone service is better than others.

* Satellite TV is only choice for TV Service. DISH, DirecTV, HughesNet, Starlink.