FTUO (Forest Trails Unit 1) strives to keep our annual dues low at $40.00 per year.  The board has managed the funds from past years to maintain a safe bank reserve.  No future dues increases are anticipated at this time.

FTUO Board’s responsibilities are:

1. Maintain the entrance community signage.
2. Maintain and protect (community association policy).

3. Maintain the natural green belt.
4. Maintain the community standards for appearance/architecture.
5. Assure compliance with the CC&Rs and ByLaws -- revisions when appropriate.
6. Lastly, maintain this website.

NEW: The annual dues are currently $40. Dues invoices were mailed/emailed on January 12th and are considered delinquent after February 29th.  A $15 late fee is accessed on March 1st.

Click here for the 2024 Annual HOA Budget!

When buying/selling a property within the subdivision, there is a $200 OWNERSHIP TRANSFER fee, and also a $200 DISCLOSURE fee.

FTUO does not pay an insurance premium on behalf of the homeowner to cover personal
dwellings.  Homeowners are responsible for insuring their home personally.

If you have questions regarding dues or home purchase, please contact Jennifer Way, President.  You can send an email to: info@foresttrailsunit1.org

Correspondence can be mailed to: FTUO HOA, PO Box 1633, Overgaard, AZ  85933

Your Forest Trails - Unit 1 Board

Forest Trails Unit 1 is one of four sister properties.
Forest Trails Unit 1’s lot numbers run from 1 to 170.  This is their website and community.

Forest Trails Unit 2’s lot numbers run from 171 to 377. 
Forest Trails Unit 3. 

Forest Trails Unit 4. NOT US

HOA Mission, Dues, & Fees

Forest Trails HOA - Unit One 

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